Ky Holland

Note: A malware attack damaged the previous website, and many of the older posts have not been restored. (Yes, they were backed up. No, the backup utility was not currently supported and created unusable backup files. That is a nudge to test and confirm your site backups actually can be used when you need them!) If you are looking for something and can’t find it, please contact me, and I can probably find it for you.

Welcome to my virtual home. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and am interested in Alaska’s history and future: technology, education, business, industrial manufacturing, winter recreation, and coffee.

A bit about me… I’m a founding member of Alaska Version 3, an Alaskan nonprofit community and economic development organization engaging Alaskans in creating our Next Alaska economy. I am also a partner of Alyeska Venture Management, which created Alaska’s first seed fund for startup ventures, the Alaska Accelerator Fund, a 49SAF fund.  I have experience in industrial products, startup community development, VC and angel investing, and startup company formation, growth, and exits. I’m consulting on economic development projects focusing on exploratory scenario planning, developing a technology startup, and assisting many others with their dreams each week at 1Million Cups

Areas of specific expertise include industrial manufacturing, product management (mining, construction, water, wastewater, nondestructive testing, X-ray imaging, iIoT, and watercraft), university technology transfer and commercialization, intellectual property management, and early-stage investing.

My most recent real job was the University of Alaska Fairbanks Technology Commercialization Officer. Prior to that, I was a founding board member of the Launch Alaska Accelerator and the Hickel Professor of Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Alaska Pacific University

I have a BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA in technology management.  I grew up in Alaska, have two family startups (kids) that have launched. I’m active in community development programs that support community resilience, the next generation of Alaskans and their opportunities including the 2024 Alaska Entrepreneurshp Week.

I’m always looking for another cup of coffee or a Zoom chat, and an interesting discussion. Let’s chat!