Christmas Newsletter 2015

Greetings Neighbors,
I hope all of your snow shovels and snow blowers are functioning and you are all joining with me in hopes for a better (snowy) winter than last year.  My snow blower was a bit miffed about not getting proper attention last year and put up a fuss when asked to be get back to work recently after our first modest snow fall.
For those looking for some news… here is a summary of what we’ve been up to…
Heather 2015Heather is living in Vancouver, WA and working (yes!)  in Portland these days for a group of lawyers and enjoying it very much.    Perhaps this guy, Ashore, King of Monsters, is one pictured?

IMG_0504 (2)Russel is a Sr. in high school and attending early honors at Alaska Pacific University.  He earned his eagle scout rank this summer that included a project building signs for the winter trail club around Trapper Lake.  During the summer he was working at Camp Meriwether in Oregon for the summer helping with the climbing instruction.  He’s driving the suburban so if you see something crazy… its not me… but I’d like to know:)


Amber, our intrepid golden retriever, is getting a big whiter around the muzzle… so far beating the odds. However, we are embarrassed to report that she is a THIEF.  She’s been coming home occasionally with some other dog’s toys for a while and we’ve never figured out where they were coming from.  Well, she has stooped to a new low. Last weekend we were surprised to see a golf club under the back of the suburban with a blue cozy for the head… initially we incorrectly thought to question Russel about why a golf club was falling out of the truck, then I noticed tooth/gum marks in the blue furry cozy and realized that Amber had thought she had another prize and did not understand why the toy had such a long sliver tail.  So… if you are missing a golf club with  blue furry toy on top….. we’d love to return it and perhaps learn where she’s been stealing toys.


Sharon 2015Sharon’s having another great year at Aquarian Charter School as the librarian and teaching 2nd grade math.  She is still a bit obsessed with Zumba but has found some other outlets for her energy.  She was slaying fish this summer… salmon in Resurrection Bay and Pike in Trapper Lake. This fall she was again a part of the beautiful community Messiah Chorus.




Ky Sharon Glacier 2015

We got out a bit this year, mostly to our cabin on Trapper Lake during the winter by snow machine and in the summer by float plane. During the spring break we enjoyed the Star Light Express from Portland to San Fransisco to join the Luke’s in Sonoma for some wine. Then in the summer we were back in Oregon with the Luke’s in Sun River followed by their visiting us in Anchorage and the trip to Seward and this hike up to Exit Glacier.

I’m still teaching at Alaska Pacific University, but on a 9 month schedule this year to transition back in to more time selling petroleum equipment in the western US and helping launch new businesses.  If you need a new fuel system for your new hospital, data center or large office building generator or boilers, please contact me:)  If you are interested in “internet of the things” let me know… I have a “cloud” based solution you’ll want to hear about!…. shameless… just shameless!  Check out for more about what I”m doing and pictures from my recent trip to the bottom of the grand canyon… next… South America!


That’s about it for news… what’s missing here is the long list of what I completed around the house this past summer, because… you guessed it… I didn’t get anything done! There is always next summer….


Best wishes for a peaceful, thankful and safe holiday season.  Things are a bit scary in the world… bring peace and hope in to the world around you…
Ky & Sharon



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