The Alaska 2020 Stay-cation Survey Results

Earlier this spring (edit… last year!) I posted on the opportunity for “staycations” to provide Alaskans a unique opportunity to explore Alaska, support the uniquely Alaskan owned tourism businesses and through our experiences, enhance future tourism from visitors. Here are the results from the survey.

What tourist activity have you enjoyed most sharing with your visiting friends when they come to Alaska?
spring skiing
dipnetting in chitina
Trips to Homer/Halibut Cove/Seldovia
Deep sea fishing trips
Am new here….just the scenery!visiting
Hatcher pass,
various fishing runs,
panning for gold,
hiking, biking (Indian-Girdwood),
Fireweed 200 (when it was active),
Flying to Katmai N.P.,
taking them downtown to shop, etc.,
Earthquake park,
trying new/different & favorite restaurants,
spotting moose, sheep, beluga whales, etc.
Kenai Fjords Park & surrounding area
Seward SeaLife Center
road trips to local attractions
The beautiful landscape

What would your dream Staycation trip in AK be (where, how, when, who..) this summer?

  • Katmai bears, polar bears, Denali hwy blueberries, etc–so many places I’ve not seen yet!
  • 5 day hike in Brooks Range with another family. Probably fly in and out to more quickly get away from the road.
  • Top of the World Highway, Trip to Kodiak, Katmai National Park with special friends that enjoy the adventure.
  • Kayaking PWS
  • All of it!
  • Going back to Katmai, fly, during the summer, w/family &/or friends
  • Visit to Kennicott Mine
  • I would like to take my family out to Nome for a week. It would be great to take the kids on a charter and go see some of the abandoned mining sites.
  • A solo writing retreat in the mountains.
  • I want to visit the Villiage of Murkuryak on Nunivak Island.

4/25/22 updated Opportunities from Scott – “Travel deals for Alaskans are getting an encore this summer”

4/15/21 I was expecting this to surface… a realization that unfettered tourism has its costs to communities and communities might appreciate the quiet pandemic level tourism that a better balance could be defined. Juneau’s proposed limits might be the first of many new discussions about the balance between benefits and costs to communities of large scale tourism. Follow the link below to view the article. Activists want voters to consider limiting cruise ship access to Juneau

3/21 Denali announces an attractive summer opportunity for private access to the park! Our family and friends took advantage of this last summer, including stories and pictures of some who brought bikes and added to the adventure further down the road.

3/20 Tote is getting on board with a plan to support tourism!

Thank you for your responses. I hope you’ve gotten some new ideas! Below are some additional notes I picked up from the paper.

3/ 14 a list of the most innovative companies including travel, dining sectors that have thrived through the pandemic.

3/9/21 an update on alaska plans…. some are starting to see a new path.

Travel industry promo ideas for staycations

Suggestions for hotel operators to increase their Staycation value –

Updates – some suggestions from Scott M

More from Scott.

GCI encouraging Ak travel –


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