Zoom Bombed Again – The cord is too long

After two years, it has shocked and surprised me to be involved in two “Zoom Bombing” incidents recently after no problems in the past, though I’d heard about it.

In both meetings dedicated individuals were presenting their work to build up and strengthen community opportunities, equity and equality. It seems inconceivable that anyone would be threatened or want to disrupt that work that serves everyone. And for the presenter and audience it can be traumatic and an assault that leaves a lasting scar.

In reflecting, it’s a reminder of the gaps in the fabric we are weaving because of the length of cord separating those engaged in creating the future from those lost in the present. Our work in community and economic development can’t ignore the stagnation and disconnection too many feel.

If we ignore it, we risk being surprised by what is Shared, and in our haste to block it and remove someone from this discussion, we may only have lengthened the cord, and no matter it’s length, we remain connected.




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