Waiting to Decarbonize

I went to a forum on the ‘economics of climate change in Anchorage last week. After listening to the five panelists and the Q&A, I was struck by the lack of urgency to decarbonize or the significance of the coming transitions in energy and everything that uses energy.

Alaska seems to be a casual observer, looking forward to more federal money from the transitions while hoping Willow is approved and nervous about cook inlet gas supplies.

The world is moving forward while Alaska is waiting.

(There are some great projects are going on in Alaska, but they need to be elevated, the state needs an energy plan and restore the climate action plan buried by the current administration.)

This foot dragging is Alaska Version 2 holding on to the past while measuring the loss of working adults in Alaska, meanwhile Alaska Version 3’s potential waits.

Check out this random list in my inbox of what the rest of the world is up to.





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