Denver Startup Week with Halliburton

You may have heard me note that Alaska has a unique corporate engagement gap in its startup ecosystem not found in many other communities.

Here is an example of what fills that gap in Houston with a connection to an upcoming Denver startup week.

I continue to nudge at this issue, with interest in seeing a uniquely Alaskan solution that would also engage our native corporations.

Alaska has many national corporations with significant business in Alaska and critical early-stage innovation ecosystem engagement in other areas of the country but not here, including Kroger (Fred Meyer), Chevron, BP, CPA, Exxon, UPS, FedEx, Providence, and even the support industry players like Halliburton.

If you have connections or ideas how to engage corporations in strategic innovation engagement in Alaska, beyond their philanthropic giving, let’s work on how to bring them into our ecosystem building work and the 2023 startup week.




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  1. Dixie Banner Avatar
    Dixie Banner

    The goal is to bring real people who are truly invested in AK’s future to the table. Individuals who have experience and ideas that will generate a new deployment plan! Please minimize the number of Government POCs for they fail understand reality!

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