Who is at a personal tipping point?

Climate change tipping points of no return – at what point do we, as individuals and families, have to take (more) action?

Who is dialing back their plans for driving or flying? Monitoring your eGHG footprint? Shifting your beef habits? Reducing or turning off a hot tub? Investing in solar panels rather than a vacation? Replacing a perfectly good Stihl chainsaw with a recharge or saw for yard work.

Who is making choices that hurt to benefit the next generation?

Do you know what your total carbon footprint is and how decisions you are making will raise or lower your contribution to the problem of greenhouse gas buildup?

I don’t!

The climate response efforts seem to be one for politicians, scientists, and someone else to address. Especially vilifying 2nd and 3rd world countries while we are feeling justified in our country doing enough, “they” need to do more, and perhaps without our help.

I don’t think I am doing enough.



ADN – July 20, 2023 The Earth is dancing too close to reaching a temperature tipping point




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