How will you spend your Alaska PFD – Consider investing in Alaska

Todays announcement of the OFD amount in the ADN is good news. Some are surprised that I support the PFD, including the full amount!

(And I support a strong statewide personal income tax and corporate taxes to pay for a strong and healthy Alaska and diversification in the economy. I’m a Hammond “clawback” supporter.)

Now that we know how much we’ll get this year, we get to show our state leaders what we think of their spending, by how WE spend the PFD portion of the state income given back to us.

Did you object to the education veto, or one of the other 45 items passed by the legislature in a balanced budget but vetoed by the Governor?

Did you not see enough for economic diversification?

Perhaps you are concerned about funding for homeless and hungry?

You could run down to Costco and send your PFD to the lower 48 and then off to Korea for that amazing new Samsung TV I want.

Or you could put that money to good use in Alaska, and many will just by buying the groceries and paying the rent to make ends meet with escalating costs of living.

Many will have used Pick Click Give to fund Alaska programs.

Consider sending a note to the governor and legislator and let them know how you spent your PFD to help Alaska. Talk is cheep, but what you DO and where you spend your State gift money demonstrates what matters.

Mine? Most will go to funding Startup and innovation community programs including Alaska Startup Week events, the Alaska Innovation Alliance, and a bit towards an investment in an Alaskan startup company. The rest goes to Lutheran Social Services of Alaska and I confess $40 went to buy some boy scout Carmel popcorn. As an empty nester, I’m not sure how to support education, but a lot of my time goes into supporting the university programs. Perhaps you have a PTO or other school enrichment option?

I do wish the PFD was bigger this year, there is so much more good to do in Alaska the legislature and Governor are not supporting, but you can.


(If you want to support innovation and entrepreneurship, but don’t know how, let me know.)




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  1. Dixie Banner Avatar
    Dixie Banner

    I plan to pay bills – no work in AK so it is time to create some innovation and create some remote opportunities. Innovation starts in HS and hold the Native Coorps accountable for growth in AK (invest in AK ) vs the Lower 48.

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