A Duty to Our Doody

As Assembly Member Mr Constant suggested in today’s ADN article “…we have a duty to manage our…” doody! (I assume he saw that coming!) (Assembly set to vote on $9M public bathroom bond proposition by Emily Goodykoontz)

I support the bond measure, though I’m curious why a test run of a couple of units hasn’t been made before going all in on 18 at $500,000 each (site, utilities, and potty). I love the iterative approach of innovation that would suggest building, testing, learning, before committing significant long-term resources. But, we need restrooms… if this is the only way, so be it, it must be done, but it seems like a risky approach.

I have a IBD and have special needs when it comes to finding a public restroom near by, without delay, and I travel a lot. I’ve come to appreciate the lunacy of cities that assume that humans do not need public restrooms, or that abdicate the responsibility to private businesses, that want only customers inside.

When the downtown partnership closed the transit center and the only public restroom, it affected me personally, and I believe set the stage for the eventual close of the downtown Kaladi’s. I told people they should use the restroom on the 8th floor of the nearby city hall by the mayors office. I hope the state and the city, and our businesses that want people around will wake up to idea that the visitors they want are humans who need restrooms. As important are the residents who need the same, and unlike the state that assumes locals can hold it from October 15 to May 15, restrooms are needed year round.

It’s a messy issue, but it’s not optional… we have a duty to our doody.




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