Anchorage Wildfire Awareness

If you missed it, I hope you’ll watch the Alaska Public Media Alaska Insight show on the wildfire danger in Anchorage and the wildland urban interface (WUI) that exists on the hillside and many other area in and around Anchroage including areas from Chugiak to Girdwood.

AFD Fire Chief Schrage

Fire Chief Schrage notes that the risk of damage and harm to residents in the Anchorage WUI is perhaps the greatest fire danger in the state.

A critical aspect of this risk and danger is the lack of alternative roads connections to many of the isolated homes and lack of water sources in these areas to support a sustained effort to get early control of a fire.

(And my “cup of sugar” comment… the commuinty work we’ve been doing for four years is not just about preparing for the possibility of a large wildfire event, its real goal is creating connected and reslience communities, prepared for whatever may happen, including needing a cup of sugar!)



AFD Firewise –

Rabbit Creek/Hillside Resilience Committee Goals and links to ISER/Dr. Schmidt wildfire maps and egress study.

Rabbit Creek CC Resilience Committee Resources and training materials –

And while we watch Canada’s fires, they are watching us!



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