Ann Arbor Public Library – Games and Clubs

May 20, 2024 Ann Arbor, MI.

What started out with the expection of being an older tired library turned in to a visit of a downtown library, located across the street from the transit center, that offered a lot to learn from.

  • I met a couple of young guys met near the entrance. They were causally dressed in polo shirts, but turned out be monitoring the area and just keeping it safe for everyone. They mentioned the library had gotten rid of the book ID tag detectors, was ending late fees, and that the library operated as a designated warming shelter when it was cold! People could not sleep there or stay over night, but they were welcome inside when it was cold.
  • Inside, immediately on side of the entrance was a large commuinty space with area that could be set up for a state, seating and I’m sure used in many different ways. There was no door or wall separating it from the space as people came in the building! This was a novel design – I can’t think of another library that has had a large open community space in the front that anyone could be using any time or used for events.
  • Each floor had wall and floor displays of local community art, some by kids, some by an ethnic group.
  • The middle floor had an AMAZING number of items to check out including games for all sizes, musical instruments, craft equipment, all sorts of cool s
    STEM gadgets for measuring things like air quality and moisture; and totes full of a books with everything needed for a book club. So many great ways to connect with others.
  • Each floor had rooms that anyone could check out and use for FREE to use. (Hear that Anchorage?)

When I was done, the library was a great reflection of the community – practical, inviting, and offering a wide variety of resouces and ways to connect with others.

This wasn’t an architectural delight, but it was a community asset being used and offering many different ways for somone to explore and connect with others.





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