Rank Choice Voting – Good For Alaska

May 25, 2024

I hope you’ll read this article about our AK voting system, the transition that Senator Cathy Giessel has been through, and the campaign I need to run in House District 9. I think it say a lot about where Alaska is headed and is worth reading.

It’s no secret that Senator Giessel’s politics drove me a bit nutty when she was in the Senate for the first time. However, it seems to me that the impact of having her party kick her out and then the adoption of rank choice voting (RCV) have freed her to become an example of the moderate bipartisan leadership we need in Juneau that will work across the parties to do the hard work to figure out what’s practical and good for the future of Alaska.

We still don’t agree on everything, but I support her willingness to dive into challenging issues and determine what’s needed for Alaska’s future.

Perhaps more important, the article is a great example of the impact of Rank Choice Voting. The republicans that kicked out Cathy earlier have a goal this year to end RCV in Alaska and we’ll see the question on the ballot this fall.

(BTW, Roger Holland, who replaced Cathy is NO relationship in family or politics to me.)

We’ve seen RCV work, and it’s working for Alaskans. (In fact it would have saved a lot of time and money to use it in Anchorage!) I don’t care that it its not working for one party that wants to return to closed primaries and back room deals that will kick out moderate legislators who are doing Alaska’s work.


(This isn’t meant as a campaign post… but yes I”m running for house district 9… message me or comment if you’d like more information. )

Resources and updates

5/27/25 ADN – After challenging the status quo, ranked choice voting faces November test




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