Who is Watching Out for Anchorage Energy Consumers?

Today’s ADN message by candidate Walter Featherly calling for a special session to address Cook Inlet energy requirements echos my interest, and those of residents I’m meeting, in more action by the legislature, and concern about the looming energy shortage and costs consumers may have to pay.

That said, I see no indication that the legislature will call itself into a special session to address the vetos or an energy plan. We will have to wait for the next session in January.

It seems to me that the residents and businesses of Anchorage are being played, and no one is watching out for the best interests of the gas consumers for heat and electricity for power. Enstar, a Canadian-owned business, is motivated to sell us gas; HillCorp, a privately held LLC company in Texas, is motivated to extract profits from Alaska; and Chugach and the electric utilities, who all overbuilt their generation capacity, are motivated to keep selling us gas-fueled power to recover the costs of their investments.

Who is motivated to provide consumers affordable, if not cheaper, power?

I’m curious about others’ thoughts about Cook Inlet energy and what you want to see the current and next legislature do or not do to help resolve how we will meet our future energy needs. A comment here to share or e-mail would be helpful, and I’ll keep talking to people.


ADN – Alaska’s gas crisis needs urgent action

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