Welcome to my virtual home. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and am interested in Alaska’s history and future, and just about any other topic that comes along.

I grew up in Anchorage on the hillside and enjoyed working on cars, snowmachining, skiing, and reading about the early history of Alaska, especially the gold rush stories and Jack London’s adventures. I’ve continued to be particularly interested in the history of the US and Alaska from 1870 to 1920. Over time, I’ve gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the history I didn’t learn the first time about the Alaska Native and American Indian people and communities and the impacts of western development. Currently, I have a couple of historical hobby projects related to the earlier Cook Inlet ferries, the community of Chitina, and the Copper River and NW Railroad.

My professional background is in mechanical engineering and operations management, including industrial manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Somehow, Jack London’s stories led to a nearly 40-year career in mining and construction wear part and bucket design. This developed a practical and systems view of issues and projects, as well as business management and strategic planning tools. At the same time I started work after college I was working on projects in my neighborhood and learning the skills of non-profit management, community engagement, and facilitating work that enabled people to engage in public decisions and participate in creating the communities they wanted.

Personal and professional community engagement has continued to be a foundation for almost 40 years in my work.

More recently, I’m a founding member of Alaska Version 3, an Alaskan nonprofit community and economic development organization engaging Alaskans in creating our Next Alaska economy. I am also a partner of Alyeska Venture Management, which created Alaska’s first seed fund for startup ventures, the Alaska Accelerator Fund, a 49SAF fund.  I have experience in industrial products, nonprofit management, startup community development, VC and angel investing, and startup company formation, growth, and exits. I’m consulting on economic development projects focusing on exploratory scenario planning, developing a technology startup, and assisting many others with their dreams each week at 1Million Cups.  I have a garbage pail brain and can get a bit nerdy at times!

Areas of specific expertise include industrial manufacturing, product management (mining, construction, water, wastewater, nondestructive testing, X-ray imaging, iIoT, and watercraft), university technology transfer and commercialization, intellectual property management, and early-stage investing.

Following the 2010 sale of an Anchorage-based, global digital industrial x-ray manufacturing business I managed until 2013, I’ve spent the last ten years working in higher education and with startup companies. My most recent real job was the University of Alaska Fairbanks Technology Commercialization Officer. Additional related experience includes being a founding board member of the Launch Alaska Accelerator and the Hickel Professor of Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Alaska Pacific University

I’ve been married to an elementary school friend, Sharon, for almost 40 years, and we have two family startups (kids) that have launched. Sharon is an elementary school librarian. Our daughter Heather was recently married and lives in Forest Grove, Oregon and works at a local university. Our son Russel is an A/P mechanic working for an Anchorage-based regional airline.

In addition to starting a campaign for House District 9, I’m active in local community development programs that support community resilience, the next generation of Alaskans and their opportunities including the 2024 Alaska Entrepreneurshp Week.

I’m always looking for another cup of coffee or a Zoom chat, and an interesting discussion. Let’s chat!