Innovation Resources

Below is a sort-able, searchable list of new venture sources. They are coded based on the six step innovation  “6I” process I’ve been using, with a couple special codes for general topics. Please send me suggestions for additional resources.


I0 – General Entrepreneurship
Search Phase – (Blank, Four Steps Framework)

I1 – Ideas, Creativity, Early Innovation concepts and innovation management
I2 – Business Model development and testing (BMC)
I3 – New venture strategy and feasibity
I4 – New venture business planning (Corp and Entr)
I5 – New venture financing

Execution Phase – (Blank, Four Steps Framework)

I6 – New venture launch – early state “execution” (4 steps -Blank)

Innovation CodeTopicSiteNotes
I0DataGEMGlobal Entrepreneurship Monitor
I0NetworkingCrunchbaseDiscover innovative companies and the people behind them.
I0NetworkingAngels ListWhere the world meets startups
I0NetworkingF6SF6S is where Founders grow together
I0GeneralEntrepreneurSign up for Entrepreneur's notifications or getting the app can help you stay up to date on the latest strategies and news affecting entrepreneurs. It's a must for founders.
I0GeneralStartup DigestCurated newsletters by topic or location.
I2LeanSteve BlankSteve Blank - Lean Launch Pad
I5Corporate VCCB InsightsYour source for corporate venture capital data.
I5Corporate VCGlobal Corporate VenturingGlobal Corporate Venturing is the media publication and data provider for the corporate venture capital industry.
I6GeneralXtensioVariety of startup planning, communication and strategy tools. Currently free.
I5AcceleratorStartup Docs
I5LegalSeriesSeed Docs