Next Alaska 3 30 or 2030

First, I’d like to thank friends and community colleagues Pascual Reig, Ryan Witten, and Joel Cladouhos for their support and particularly the heavy lift Pascual is doing to develop a website, the Facebook Group and a LinkedIn Group. These will be released in the near future.

The discussion in today’s paper about using permanent fund earnings to balance the budget while giving out large dividends tempts me to use it as some initial AKV3 (Next Alaska 3.0) content, but that will just drag us into the short term problems and debate. These are worthy issues to be engaged in, but not the focus of an exploration of future economies I hope we can contribute to the public dialog and building a new narrative(s) about the Alaska We Want To Build. I’m reminding myself the unique focus to build will still be on challenging and interesting issues, but with a focus on ones that attract and engage forward thinkers about choices of the state’s future opportunities that develop clarity of what we want to become in a v3 economy of the future. The issue of the moment about the long term role of the permanent fund would be fair game for v3… getting into the 2021 debate over using earnings to balance the next budget and pay one time dividends wouldn’t.

Here is one of a couple articles in today’s paper that prompted examining this mental knot. Follow the link below to view the article.

I don’t know if that subtle fork in the discussion focus will hold up over time, but it suggests we need to keep the time horizon of discussions out 10 years or more. That risks being too far to be engaging, but also avoids the short term opportunistic thinking.

Perhaps Next Alaska 3.0 – could also be next alaska 30 as in 2030… close enough to mater but not to far to be impractical. Or it could be 3 years and 30 years…. for horizons that avoid the immediate but can lead to meaningful legislative focus and long term perspective.

Food for thought and eventually guidelines for content. I’d appreciate your feed back with comments here or sent directly to me that I can share with Pascual, Ryan and Joel for our next discussion about the website and content strategy.


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